The Pools

The Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is a generous 12m x 5m filled with mountain spring water and replenished daily. Treated with salt, this makes for a more gentle and pleasant swim, and is heated to between 29 and 36 degrees C, depending on the ambient temperature of the season.  The position of this pool captures the sun for most of the day and has an expansive outlook over the wetlands to the south.  This makes for a great place to relax and swim day or night.

The Spa Pool

In a separate and private area is the Spa Pool.  This is also filled with mountain spring water and is ozone treated and heated to between 35 and 40 degrees C.  This pool comfortably seats 4 or 5 with therapeutic massage jets. This area offers a more cozy and intimate setting with a peaceful outlook to the native forest of Tongariro National Park.