” In the foothills of Tongariro lies a sleepy little place basking in the noon day sun, nourished by the springs giving forth cool sustenance. ”  –  Anon.

About Us

Tongariro Springs  – the origin our name.

Water circulates through the land just as it does through our bodies, transporting, dissolving, replenishing nutrients and organic matter, while at the same time cleansing, detoxifying, purifying.  The significance of water transcends it’s physical importance and is well known to offer comfort and rejuvenation mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, having been recognized as such throughout every culture and age.

We are surrounded by water though it is not always readily visible. To the south and west we look across planes of beautiful native wetlands. The springs that transect our property at the northern and southern ends are almost completely covered in by native foliage and are rich with life.  Another spring provides us with all of the water for our property, including our beautiful clean 100% chemical free drinking water, and the water to our pools. These springs all originate from the Tongariro National Park that lies on our eastern boundary.

The naming is in recognition of these Springs and the vital interaction between them, our land, and everyone who is here for a time.

Our Story

We have been in this area for a bit more than a decade and we love this place.  This climate, altitude, environment, comes with a certain rawness. The extremes that are experienced are not without their own challenges but for us this seems to add to the beauty and exhilaration of this extraordinary place.  Throughout the course of the year we migrate through seasons that offer stunning clear blue skies, heavy frosts, misty mornings, dramatic sunsets, snowy white outs, oh and the stary – stary nights.

After many years of running a much larger place we sold our business to a wonderful couple and after a brief “retirement” we decided that we would like to create something really special for people to enjoy.  We wanted to create a place in keeping with how we like to relax, travel and holiday, something simple but satisfying to the senses.  The experience we want to offer is borne of the understanding of the complexities of life and the importance of down time, soothing frazzled nerves, stepping away from the hustle and bustle, to recharge and refresh.

We want to offer an experience that gives the feel of home away from home, where your arrival and departure is without the formalities of checking in or out.  A place where you don’t have to be social if you don’t want to, where the are only a few others around, other like minded guests with similar intentions.  A place that can be your get-away base or your relaxation destination.

Throughout the creation of the Tongariro Springs Boutique Suites every aspect has been carefully considered in relation to environmental awareness, resourcefulness, guest health and comfort and economic soundness.  It is an important part of our ongoing business practice to always improve our eco footprint through continuous observation of the impact we have environmentally and socially, and to always seek better opportunities.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this place as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.